[ past, present, future... ]

for 5 years i have identified myself as being the "j" of  jl photografia with my trusty sidekick lisa lefringhouse taking the role of the "l". the years have been full of learning, laughing, traveling, adventures, friendship and of course picture making. lots o' picture making. i will miss that identity and all that came with it including the late night editing sessions with uncontrollable fits of laughter, being able to work so closely with one of my best friends who constantly inspires me, and all the great clients/ venues we were fortunate to work with and document.  and now as i return back to being just janet i know that my time being the "j" has shaped me into the person, business owner and photographer that i am today. and that is a priceless gift given to me by "l" and jl photografia. for that i will be forever grateful.

presently, i am launching my new solo photography studio. while this new venture is a bit scary without my trusty sidekick "l" in tow i am very excited to be able to continue my photographic adventures. i hope you will join me every step of the way.

looking forward to seeing what the future will hold for both the "j" and the "l" ...


image by joel flory