[ a look back on 2015 ] part 1. warren. ri.

there have been many milestones in both my personal + professional life this year. my husband + i bought our first home together. i was welcomed into so many couples lives to document their beginnings as married folk. got to try my camera out in some new + excited ways by branching out into photographing interior design + further exploring the avenues of food photography. traveled to exotic places [california + nantucket are considered exotic, right?]. continued to document adorable growing families. turned 40 [eeck]. it has been a full + busy year. one that i will always look back on fondly.

thank you to all these beautiful people that allow me to continue my photographic journey + invite me into the most intimate corners of their life. i am forever grateful for your trust! may 2016 bring you happiness + love + new adventures!

stay tuned for part 2