[ a year in photographs ] 2016 review. personal. warren. ri.

i consider myself lucky to be able to do what i love as a job. a job that connects me to so many wonderful people. being a witness to their marriages + helping them document the special moments in their lives is truly a gift. i cannot thank you enough for trusting me + opening up your most intimate moments to me + my camera.

with every new year, i try to push myself to step out of my comfort zone. to grow artistically. i know i cannot do this without you. i need you to continue to allow me in. to explore + document those moments. with 2017 comes new goals. to share a few: i want more elopements, backyard weddings, newborn portraits, day-in-the-life family sessions, pet portraits, collaboration with other artists, and more giving back + donating my art for a greater good. so if you know anyone interested in helping me fulfill these goals please don't hesitate to contact me. [me@janetmoscarello.com]

i should probably add to the list to work on editing myself a little more but hey i am a work in progress, so here is an extra-long 2016 year in review.

[special thanks to lisa frechette photography, rebecca arthurs, + susan sancomb for letting me be their 2nd set of eyes on several weddings in 2016. also, to the collaborative for always supporting my art + pushing me to strive for more]